Fur is the third largest animal export product in Danish agriculture. Denmark is the world's largest producer of mink with an annual production of around 17.2 million mink pelts of the highest quality where most of these pelts are exported. In order to maintain the positive growth in Danish fur production, it is necessary to continue to maintain high research based standards for ethical and sustainable fur production where animal health and welfare are combined with an efficient and competitive production.

Interdisciplinary research in production and productivity, animal health, welfare and sustainability in fur production lie at the heart of CPH Mink. The research ranges from disease and health programmes at both national and international levels, research focusing on nutrition and management on both a herd and an individual level, and studies at the cellular and molecular levels. The research is conducted in collaboration with other Danish and international universities as well as industry and regulatory authorities.

Center for Research in Mink Production, Health and Welfare (CPH Mink) enhances, consolidates and promotes mink research at The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. CPH Mink serves as a platform for enhanced efforts in research, innovation, regulatory services and training and closer collaboration with industry, authorities and universities both nationally and internationally. The University of Copenhagen has a unique combination of skills in fur animal research with a background in various disciplines: nutrition, epidemiology, genetics, breeding, disease, pathology, microbiology including virology, immunology, ethics and welfare. This combination of skills makes it possible to use a holistic approach and address complex issues in health, welfare, production efficiency and sustainability in fur production.